April 17, 2024

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Yogurt Cacik and Raki Alkol

Yogurt Cacik is a meze generally designed by Turks and Greeks. It is usually eaten as appetizer with foods with robust alcoholic beverages named Raki Alkol or Uozo. I use Danon yogurt and Yeni Raki for this combination combine.

1 lbs Danon Diminished Excess fat Simple Yogurt
2 Cucumbers
Olive Oil
Fresh Dill
Dry Red Pepper

Dump Yogurt into a medium pot. Incorporate salt and combine with spoon to until eventually the salt is all saturated.

Slash and peel the cucumbers. Reduce peeled cucumbers in modest chunks. Add cucumbers in the yogurt. Chop fresh dill in pretty smaller items. Incorporate to the yogurt and blend properly. Once the cucumbers and dill is saturated in the mix pour into smaller desert cups. Pour olive oil and a tiny dab of crushed purple pepper. Go to fridge. It will have to have about 1 hour to get all the dill taste in the mix. You can also use dry oregano, mint, sumak or any other crushed and dried spice of your preference. The spice on leading of the olive oil serves as a decoration and a trace of style.

Open your bottle of Raki. (Raki (a sturdy alkol drink) is conveniently identified in numerous liquor stores.) Place on a long glass with 1/3 loaded with raki. Insert 1/3 water. The drink will turn white. Uozo can also be utilised for the similar objective. They are pretty equivalent drinks produced with aniseed.

Love your cacik and raki…

This appetizer is served on all Turkish and Greek dining establishments. Greeks call it Tzatiki and Turks call it Cacik. It is a fantastic aspect dish for lots of major programs. You can provide cacik with beef, fish or chicked. Nevertheless Mediterranean cuisine typically is made up of vegetable dishes and several mezes (appetizers) made with a variety of greens.