June 15, 2024

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Top Reasons to Seek Sports Medicine

What Can A Sports Medicine Physician Treat? - Movement Orthopedic

Whether you are a professional, aspiring athlete, or simply physically active, you are bound to deal with pain or injuries to a certain extent. A slight injury can slow you down and, even worse, increase the risk of a major problem if not appropriately addressed, emphasizing the need to have a sports medicine physician by your side. Foot and ankle surgeon Alamo Heights facilitates proper diagnosis, intervention, and injury treatments in all your lower extremities to keep you going. Whether you are worried about a serious foot and ankle injury or nursing pain, you should seek sports medicine services considering the many benefits you stand to realize, including:

Proper diagnosis

Muscle tension, joint stiffness, or moderate pain can easily be overlooked. You could discount the injury, especially when it seems receptive to your remedies like ice and heat. While you could keep going, and the injury sometimes subsides, you are at high risk of overuse injury. Such injuries can cause significant damage to your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints, forcing you out for an extended period. This is more so since the resulting injury may necessitate invasive treatments like surgery that demand a lengthy recovery period.

Appropriate treatment

In many cases, injuries are undertreated. After symptoms subside, you are likely to hop back on your physical activities, assuming the injury is gone. This increases the chances of recurring injuries, and many resorts to pain medication and, at times, even develop dependence since self-treatments mostly only address the symptoms. Sports medicine physicians conduct a thorough diagnosis to establish the cause and extent of your injury. This ensures the injury is appropriately treated, helping you address the symptoms and the root cause and mitigate the chances of troublesome injuries down the line.

Personalized injury rehabilitation

Injuries such as dislocated joints, sprains, and strains are common. Nonetheless, they do not heal the same way for everyone. What works for your friend or teammate may be less effective in your situation. This is especially considering your medical and injury history and the extent of the damage. A personalized rehabilitation program is critical as you strive to get back on your feet fast.

Sports medicine physicians develop a personalized program that best matches your injury and goals. The program may seem best suited in cases of chronic injuries like tendonitis or bursitis. Nonetheless, the personalization based on your unique situation, including activity intensity, weight, and medical history, and considering various risk factors helps you recuperate better and much faster, emphasizing the need to seek sports medicine to remain active.

Preventative care

What is increasing your injury risks? Muscle strength and joint flexibility may be the main culprit; in other cases, it could be the wrong technique. Sports medicine physicians can help you adopt the right techniques and build strength and flexibility through targeted exercises. Such aspects make it easier to keep your body in better shape for physical activities and, with proper technique, minimize injury chances. With this guidance, you will have an easier time staying active and consistently improving your performance for an extended period.

Physical activity is essential for your overall wellness, which injuries can deter. Seeking sports medicine services can help ensure that injuries don’t stand in your way, allowing you to remain physically active and productive for years. Contact Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio for more on sports medicine.