April 23, 2024

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Top Measures to Stop Varicose Veins Progression

What Are the Best Ways to Treat Bulging Varicose Veins? | Blog | South  Valley Vascular

Varicose veins can cause pain and expose you to health risks like an increased risk of pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis, which can be fatal. St. Louis varicose veins treatment can help improve your appearance and mitigate such risks. Even with the most effective treatment, new varicose veins can develop. As such, you must employ practical measures to prevent or stop varicose veins progression. Some of the lifestyle measures you can take to stop varicose veins’ development include:

Weight loss

Weight management can’t be emphasized enough, especially considering its impact on your overall cardiovascular health. Excess weight puts extra pressure on your veins and valves. This makes it difficult to pump blood back to the heart from your legs against gravity. The valves and veins are highly likely to malfunction due to the pressure, leading to varicose veins. Losing the extra fat alleviates stress on your circulatory system, including damage to blood vessels. This improves blood flow and minimizes chances of pooling and consequential varicose veins.

Physical activity

Exercise is a significant part of weight management. Besides losing extra fat, exercise helps improve your muscles. Muscles in your legs help the veins to push blood back to your heart. The support minimizes pressure on your valves and veins, encouraging better blood flow. Simple exercises like walking can significantly improve blood flow in the legs and stop varicose veins formation or progression.

Minimize sodium intake

Minimizing salt consumption is advised as you strive to improve your circulatory health. Sodium in salt can lead to water retention, increase blood thickness, and impact blood pressure. Thicker blood and at higher pressure can damage your veins. The swelling in ankles and legs from water retention further escalates varicose veins development and worsens the symptoms. Minimizing sodium intake helps keep the cardiovascular in better shape, which is helpful beyond preventing varicose veins.

Consider your posture

Standing or sitting for extended periods exerts more pressure on your veins. If your occupation requires such posture, take frequent breaks or change your potion to encourage better circulation. When sitting, try an elevated position for your legs, such as with the help of a stool. Legs elevation in your sleep can also help. Place a pillow beneath the legs, keeping them level with your heart.

Revisit your outfit

Your footwear and clothes can impact blood flow and cause or escalate varicose veins development. Swap the high-heeled shoes for the low-heeled options, which help work your calf muscles better, improve blood flow, and keep the veins in better condition. Tight clothing, especially around your waist, can also do more harm since they reduce blood flow. Choose comfortable and fitting footwear and clothes. Such an outfit can help better manage your routine and enhance circulation to prevent or avoid worsening varicose veins.

Compression stockings or socks could be on top of your mind when considering an ideal way to stop varicose veins progression. While helpful, you can do much more, including implementing lifestyle measures like those highlighted above for improved vein health. Prompt treatment is also recommended to avoid unpleasant symptoms and potential complications. Contact Midwest Institute for Non-surgical Therapy (MINT) today for all your varicose veins concerns.