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Top 11 Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) Nutrition facts and Health benefits


Selection and storage

Komatsuna can be harvested at any phase- from microgreens to flowering tops. Even though young, its leaves have a moderate taste and are ready significantly like spinach. As the plant grows, the stems turn into harder, and taste grows much better and hotter, and consequently, involve a longer cooking time.

In the industry, look for refreshing greens featuring crispy, dark eco-friendly leaves. Keep away from wilt, spotted, or discolored leaves.

At household, continue to keep the leaves in the refrigerator soon following buying as they wither quickly if kept at area temperature.

While they can be stored for up to 3 days in cold storage, fresh new komatsuna greens really should be utilized as quickly as doable to get gains.

Planning and serving solutions

Komatsuna is a well-known inexperienced-leafy vegetable in the Japanese diet. Fresh leaves, flower buds, and stems are employed in a wide range of cuisines all in excess of East-Asia.

Prior to cooking, wash the leaves comprehensively in clean up managing water to get rid of sand/grime and then rinse in saline drinking water for about 30 minutes to take out any insecticide residues. Trim away thick petioles and stems.

Right here are some serving tips:

Fried rice with eggs and Komatsuna. Courtesy: Kakei.R
  • Fresh new tender Japanese mustard-spinach greens are eaten uncooked either as a salad or loved juiced.

  • Prepare uncomplicated fried rice with eggs and Japanese mustard spinach (小松菜の炒飯).

  • In Japan, experienced komatsuna leaves are steam-cooked by yourself or mixed with other greens such as spinach in ohitashi. Boiled greens seasoned with dried bonito flakes, sesame seeds, and soy sauce broth as a dressing to flavor and to tame the pungent, peppery flavor.

  • Use in dashi-soups mixing with rooster, mushroom, and chopped environmentally friendly onions.

  • Komatsuna can be substituted for napa (Chinese) cabbage for a extra really flavored variation of kimchee.

Safety profile

  • Reheating of Japanese spinach leftovers may well bring about conversion of nitrates to nitrites and nitrosamines by specific microorganisms that prosper on prepared nitrate-prosperous meals, this kind of as komatsuna, spinach, and lots of other eco-friendly vegetables. These poisonous compounds could show destructive to well being.

  • Phytates and dietary fiber existing in the komatsuna may possibly interfere with the bioavailability of iron, calcium, and magnesium.

  • Komatsuna, being a Brassica household vegetable, is made up of oxalic acid, a in a natural way transpiring compound found in some greens which might crystallize as oxalate stones in the urinary tract in some people today. Folks with known oxalate urinary tract stones are recommended to prevent ingesting vegetables belong to the Brassica loved ones. Ample ingestion of water is, as a result, important to retain ordinary urine output.

  • Komatsuna could also incorporate goitrogens which may possibly interfere with thyroid hormone production and can cause thyroxin hormone deficiency in persons with thyroid dysfunction.

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