June 14, 2024

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The Top Benefits of Using an Egg Donor

Benefits of Egg Donation: California Center for Reproductive Health:  Reproductive Endocrinologists

If you are battling infertility and in vitro fertilization is not working, egg donation may be the best solution for your concern. In most cases, infertility impacts your mental and physical health because you only want a couple to have a kid of your own. However, it is impossible with infertility until you try other infertility solutions, such as egg donation. You can try egg donation Murray Hill fertility treatment to help you conceive, especially if you have tried other infertility treatments like in vitro fertilization that are ineffective. Below are the benefits of using donor eggs.

Helps with ovarian failures

Some women are experiencing fertility problems simply because they suffer from a condition referred to as primary ovarian insufficiency. The condition is also known as a primary ovarian failure because if you have this condition, your ovaries usually stop producing eggs before you attain the age of forty. However, with POI, your ovaries stop producing eggs and no longer produce enough estrogen. Therefore, some women with this condition cannot conceive irrespective of their intact uterus. In this case, an egg donor can help you become pregnant because you can acquire a healthy and mature egg for your IVF.

Donor eggs increase the success rate

With older patients, the success rate of IVF is usually various, thus requiring patients to undergo more than one IVF cycle. Even though there is a success rate of forty percent for patients under the age of thirty-five, the success rate drops to approximately eleven percent in women who are forty years and above. The success rate drops to less than two percent when you are forty-five years old. However, the success rate increases when donor eggs are used in women who are forty-five years and above, with the success rate being thirty-five percent.

It improves your chances of conceiving

In most cases, infertility usually affects the structure of a family, and as you age, your chances of becoming pregnant decreases even if you want to use IVF. It is because there are certain ages where your eggs are no longer viable for IVF. in such cases, donor eggs can help you have a baby even if there will be questions of legalities, process, and biological connections.

Bypasses some possible genetic illness

Some women might have a history of genetic diseases that can be passed on to their children. Some genetic conditions might result in miscarriages, congenital disabilities, conditions like Down syndrome or sickle cell, or failed IVF. In this case, preimplantation genetic tests could be performed to help reveal any defects or diseases which might change the initial plans. Therefore, a donor egg without genetic conditions can be used.

Egg donation usually solves infertility, especially if you have not conceived for six months. In vitro fertilization has been used, but IVF alone is not enough for some women. Therefore, if you have tried IVF and you have not yet conceived, you can consider using donor eggs. If you are interested in using donor eggs and do not know where to get them, you can acquire them from the Nobel Fertility Center today. The facility offers the best eggs for in vitro fertilization, and their success rates are also high.