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Research :Physicochemical Of Pantal River ,Dagupan Ep 9


SUMMARY, Results, Summary AND Advice

This chapter has the summary and conclusions acquired by the research and suggestions of Physicochemical Of Pantal River the study and recommendations by the scientists for long run use.


As drinking water is crucial to everyday living, it is duty of every unique to restore the quality of the contaminated drinking water as ahead of. To facilitate these kinds of adjust, it is pretty required to know about the high-quality of water of the h2o bodies all-around us. So the scientists undertook the physicochemical assessment to figure out the different physicochemical parameters of the water of Pantalriver. Temperature, pH, Turbidity, Salinity, BOD, Dissolved oxygen had been some of the physical properties taken into account. Amount of money of ammonia, nitrite and phosphate are the chemical qualities taken into account.

The examine applied experimental research structure utilizing uncomplicated group style to decide the a variety of physicochemical parameters existing with in the stretch of Pantal River. The researcher collected water sample from five stations together the extend of the Pantal River setting up at the back again of NBI and finishes at the Back of LNU Common Superior university. There is a 100 meters variance in conditions of length from the to start with sampling web page right up until the close of the sampling web site. All water samples collected have been appropriately labelled and was brought immediately to the Limnology Department of Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Means BonuanBinloc Dagupan Town, wherever h2o analysis was done. All info was handled statistically employing weighted mean and A single way Analysis of Variance.

Statistical necessarily mean served to get regular values of the physicochemical qualities of the five stations. Primarily based on the success offered by BFAR, the imply values are identified for the physicochemical parameters. Temperature (29.06oC), pH (7.9), Dissolved Oxygen (4.5), Turbidity (26.), Overall hardness (560.20 mg/L), Full suspended Solids (20.73 mg/L), Biological Oxygen Desire (3.85), Phosphate (.135mg/L), Nitrite (.513 mg/L) and Ammonia (.22 mg/L) are the physicochemical parameters of Pantal river drinking water. The Analysis of Variance gave the computed f benefit as .046. From the ANOVA desk, it can be concluded that there is no substantial big difference involving the physicochemical properties of the h2o within the 5 stations.


  • Centered on the final results of the study, the signify values are located for the physicochemical parameters. Temperature (29.06oC), pH (7.9), Dissolved Oxygen (4.5), Turbidity (26. NTU), Full hardness (560.20 mg/L), Whole suspended Solids (20.73 mg/L), Biological Oxygen Need (3.85 mg/l), Phosphate (.135mg/L), Nitrite (.513 mg/L) and Ammonia (.22 mg/L) are the physicochemical parameters of Pantal river water.
  • Evaluating from the success of the physicochemical analysis to the benchmarks as claimed by WHO and ICMR which are accepted by BFAR, temperature (29.06oC to 30oC), h2o pH (7.9 to 6.5-8.5), Salinity (12.31ppt to .5-36ppt), Phosphate (.135 to .4 mg/L), Nitrite (.513 to 1. mg/L) and Ammonia (.22 to 1. mg/L) are the physicochemical parameters that concur with the normal values whereas Dissolved Oxygen (4.5 to 5.-8. mg/L), Turbidity (26. to 5 NTU), Total Hardness (560.20 to 300 mg/L), Complete Suspended Solids (20.73 to 5 mg/l) and BOD (3.85 to 5.-7. mg/L) are the physicochemical attributes that do not agree with the typical values.
  • There is no considerable distinction involving the physicochemical attributes and the five stations analysed due to the fact the essential f is greater than the computed f.


            Centered on the physicochemical evaluation completed picking out five stations at Pantal at the mouth of the Pantal River, the researchers arrive to the adhering to conclusions.

  1. It is concluded that the river water is not really polluted and it comes less than Class C river as for each DAO-WQI (Division of Agricultural Companies, H2o Good quality Index). PENRO also confirms that the river water which is brackish can be utilized for agriculture, irrigation,fishing and even as consuming water just after proper h2o treatment.
  2. Nevertheless the values of turbidity, hardness, TDS, DO and BOD do not agree with the non-contaminated river  as reported by WHO, ICMR and BFAR, the physicochemical parameter values concur with that of DAO-Drinking water High quality Index as a result the river will come below Class C as for each DENR (Section of Atmosphere and Normal Assets).
  3. The scientists also calculated that the significance variation involving the physicochemical attributes and the stations is .046.
Suspended Solids


  1. The researchers advocate that the physicochemical traits of the analysis to be finished in unique seasons like Wet season, Summer months to analyse the quality of the drinking water.
  2. The researchers also advocate to exploration on the organic properties of Pantal river, the phytoremediation assets of aquatic plants in Pantal river water, development and metabolism of brackish drinking water livings and so on.,
  3. The researchers also recommendto carry out additional investigate on the other physicochemical parameters equally qualitatively and quantitatively.

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