October 4, 2023

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Reasons For Considering Coolsculpting When Losing Excess Weight

Does CoolSculpting Work? Fat Freezing Costs and Results

Having stubborn fat in certain areas of your body can make it quite challenging to lose weight effectively because the fats rarely go away with exercise and diet. For that reason, most care providers use non-invasive treatments, especially if you are not interested in undergoing weight loss surgery. Among the commonly recommended non-invasive treatments is Coolsculpting, which aims to eliminate stubborn fat in various body parts, including around the belly. You can therefore undergo Coolsculpting® Santa Monica to help remove unwanted fat from targeted body regions, thus enabling you to have a smooth and sleek body contour. Some of the reasons why you should consider Coolsculpting include the following:

Treats various body parts

Most people prefer using Coolsculpting to eliminate unwanted fat in various body parts that other weight loss methods cannot. For instance, it can remove unwanted fats from your arm flab, knee chub, double chin, inner thigh, banana roll, upper and lower abdomen, inner thigh, armpit pooch, and flanks. Therefore, if your weight loss program cannot eliminate fats in any of the above regions of your body, you can try Coolsculpting for more effective results.

Minimal side effects

Most people prefer using Coolsculpting because it has minimal unwanted effects. However, during your treatment session, you might experience a pulling sensation when the device that suctions the fat and skin is applied. As the temperatures get low, you begin experiencing some slight discomfort that resembles the feeling you experience when a bowl of ice is placed on your hand. After treatment, your care provider massages the treated area for a few minutes to hasten cell death. After your treatment session, you may also experience tingling and numbness in the treated area.

Permanent results

Your body does not form new fat cells when you are already grown. Therefore, if the ones you already have as an adult are decreased or enlarged in size, the results are usually permanent. That is why Coolsculpting is used to permanently damage, thus reducing the bulk of the fat in the targeted region. CoolSculpting usually works on the principle of freezing the stubborn fat, after which they are removed from the body, thus allowing you to enjoy the outcome of your treatment for years.

Natural looking outcomes

In most cases, Coolsculpting does not create uneven or lumpy skin textures like other fat reduction procedures, thus making the results appear as natural as possible. The treatment usually freezes and targets fat cells, thus enabling you to appear smooth and natural. It also requires no recovery time, thus allowing you to resume your chores after treatment.

Boosts self-confidence

Coolsculpting focuses on enabling you to lose excess weight, thus giving you a sleek body contour. In most cases, doing so boosts your self-confidence because it makes you contented with your outlook. In that case, you can wear any cloth you want.

It would be best if you did not feel unattractive because of excess stubborn fat in various parts of your body that are unresponsive to dieting or exercises because Coolsculpting is now available. Therefore, if you are interested in undergoing Coolsculpting, it is essential to consult your care provider to help determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you qualify for Coolsculpting, consider booking your appointment at Self Care LA today and receiving your treatment to help you have the body shape you have always desired.