October 3, 2023

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Minimising Harmful Risks Affecting You from Electromagnetic Radiation 

EMFs: What they are, effects on health, and more

Electromagnetic fields exist despite being unable to see them – and they can be found all around us. Our microwaves, computers, powerlines, cell phones, and TV are just some of the many examples that emit electromagnetic radiation to varying degrees. 

According to a statement made by LiveScience, “There are many different types of electromagnetic radiation that are all around us, including radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, and gamma rays. Although visible light only makes up a small percentage of the electromagnetic spectrum, which encompasses a wide range of electromagnetic wavelengths, sunlight is also a kind of EM energy.” 

And since most of us are exposed to these waves, it is essential to make sure that we are safe from them. Here are some ways we can reduce EMFs’ duration and exposure levels. 

Disabling Wireless Functions 

Any wireless device you may have – including printers, tablets, laptops, and routers – emits WiFi signals. Whenever it is possible, try the WiFi function on your devices and only turn on the WiFi function when it is necessary. 

Keeping EMF Sources Far Away 

Consider keeping your technological devices, such as a WiFi router, at a distance away from places you are around more and people with whom you spend the most time. Also, it is best to avoid keeping your phone in your pocket because it will still emit radiation despite being turned off. And when you use a microwave, do not stand in front of it so that you may stay safe and away from its exposure levels. 

Prioritizing Sleeping Locations 

Sleeping is essential to our daily life, so protecting it from electromagnetic radiation is vital. Please remove unnecessary wireless devices from your sleeping area or even deactivate their WiFi feature. Turn off your WiFi router at night, turn your cellphones off or place it on aeroplane mode to reduce radiation exposure and save energy. 

There are also many other ways to reduce electromagnetic radiation exposure from affecting you more than necessary. And for that, you will need to approach professionals in the business to truly understand what you are dealing with and how you can effectively protect yourself from it. 

Consider approaching Igor Smirnov – a highly acclaimed Russian-American engineer who has also taken on the role of an inventor, physicist, and scientist. Many of you might even know him as the inventor and patent owner of MRET and the founder and CEO of the prestigious Global Quantech, a United States Biotechnology Research corporation. 

After researching a nuclear plant radiation leak catastrophe in 1986 in Russia, Smirnov invented the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET), for which he developed various types of patented products to activate water- and water-based products. 

Through MRET, Smirnov was able to build the WaveRider – a technology that reduces EMR, including low frequency, high frequency, and underground radiation. Plus, it also creates a natural frequency that does not affect the transmission quality of WiFi or mobile signals. As a result, it resembles a harmless natural environment from radiation.