December 1, 2023

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Impact of parental drug misuse on children:

How Parental Substance Abuse Impacts Kids | Valley Cares


Parental drug abuse impacts the parenting style and is also a significant factor contributing to child abuse and neglect. The use of various drugs such as heroin, heavily sedative drugs, and opioids can hamper care for their children. Parental drug misuse is a clear indication that the family deals with deteriorated mental and physical health, family violence, poverty, and limited social support.

Misuse of psychoactive substances such as tobacco, alcohol, morphine, cocaine, cannabis, and heroin can produce multiple signs of intoxication, which are often hidden from children. Observable symptoms of drug misuse can be dilated pupils, shakiness, red, watery eyes with burning sensation, and unusual smell of smoke, petrol, and alcohol from the body.  Sublocade shot is one treatment that can relieve withdrawal symptoms in addicted individuals when they suffer from opioid dependence and help them cope with their addiction, not to negatively affect their children. 

Impact of drug abuse on children according to the specialists at the suboxone treatment clinics:

Adverse childhood experience is the primary outcome in families where parents are addicted to drugs and alcohol. According to the medical professionals practicing at suboxone clinics, the effect of parental substance abuse directly impacts both the mental and physical well-being of a child. Growing up in an atmosphere full of emotional stress due to parental drug abuse can negatively impact a child’s neurological development. Mental disorders, physical and emotional ferocity, and having one parent under criminal custody also promote adverse childhood experiences. 

The consequences of parental drug abuse can result in a child exposed to drugs and alcohol or parents incapable of supporting them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Based on an American Drug Association report, 25{d32dd75001b1e4959158a4d7c17e94f6511a5c9ed4724b73c12126b62b27fc87} of children under 18 are often addicted to drugs or alcohol dependence due to parental substance abuse. Below mentioned factors are the results of the hostile environment in a family.

  • Cause of anxiety and mental disorder in youth 
  • Use of alcohol and drugs in early stages of life
  • Need to join foster care due to unsuccessful home environment
  • May commit a crime and land in trouble with the juvenile justice system.

Unsupportive parents with drug abuse can cause life-long problems with children if not treated well on time. Once teenagers and youngsters reach adulthood, they are more likely to seek treatment for the following reasons.

  • Treatment for addressing anxiety and depression
  • Ineffective parenting with their children
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Children of parents exposed to drug use often feel negligence in fulfilling their needs.
  • Dependency on substance can become the centric influence in a family
  • Children lack the proper supervision necessary during the growth years of life.
  • Unclear parental goals for the upbringing of their children

Drug abuse counseling near me helps such individuals cope with parental substance abuse and lead an everyday healthy life.

Extending support to children with parental substance misuse:

With increasing cases of parental drug abuse in America, suboxone treatment clinics try to identify addiction with families at an early stage so that different interventions and treatments can be provided on time. Preliminary risk assessment proves advantageous in gathering information about the extent of drug misuse. Parental substance disorder is linked with mental conditions as it more or less contributed to the present conditions. Parents with drug use also struggle more if they are already on medications for other health conditions. 

The effects of substance and drug abuse are long-lasting and devastating. Further, children exposed to substance use are at a higher risk of accidental ingestion, overdose, and poisoning. A parent consuming excessive drugs and substances can undergo significant emotional suffering, exaggerate situation response, and hyper-vigilant personality.

Doctors providing substance abuse therapy near me state that parents’ substance abuse directly leads to inappropriate behavior problems disturbing their cognitive ability to think and act. These conditions should be addressed effectively, and solid support should be provided to children in parental drug abuse scenarios.

  • Childcare playgroups are one of the safest and secure places of keeping children that experience parental drug abuse
  • Doctors at suboxone clinics near me should listen to children if they wish to disclose their family’s parental drug abuse condition.
  • If a child requires special care and attention, medical professionals should talk to their parents about the help you can offer to safeguard their children
  • It is necessary to share relevant details of the prevailing situation to ensure proper safety and security for the child.
  • If parents themselves disclose parental drug abuse, sublocade treatment clinics should refer them to Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) for advice and proper treatment.
  • Informing other family members about the drug abuse is also essential to cope with the addiction on time.
  • Only qualified health professionals in sublocade treatment centers should analyze the existing misuse case.


National Survey Reports in the United States reveal that children struggle to maintain their behavioral patterns if their parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The trained medical professionals endeavor sublocade treatment to people exposed to psychoactive substances. The treatment starts with the decision to seek medical health; further, the success ratio increases with the help of trained professionals and your dear ones.