November 28, 2023

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Expert Tips to Keep Your Neck Healthy

6 ways to ease neck pain - Harvard Health

Neck health should be on the top list when maintaining your overall health. Your neck plays a crucial role in supporting the weight of your head. Additionally, this organ protects nerves that send motor information and sense to and from your brain. Like other body structures, your neck is subject to different concerns that can expose you to neck pain. With neck pain, it becomes difficult to turn around, hindering you from living fully. Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to avoid neck pain. Below are tips that Hui Kang MD, recommends to keep your neck healthy.

Sleep Right

It is more likely that you have ever woken up with a stiff neck. This instance implies that your sleeping positions are a practical matter regarding your neck health. For example, when sleeping on your stomach for a long time, you strain your neck, increasing the chances of neck pain. Instead, sleeping on your back for your spine to rest comfortably would be best. If you already have neck problems, it would help to keep a pillow under your arms when you sleep.

Stay Hydrated

The spongy structure in your neck has fluid whose high proportion is water. This spongy structure helps to avoid friction forces in between your neck vertebrae. However, when your body is dehydrated, water from this structure can leak into other body areas. Consequently, when you turn around, your neck discs will be prone to wear and tear. Therefore, you should drink at least eight cups of water for optimal hydration.


When exercising, many people underrate neck exercises. This instance exposes their neck muscles to stiffness. Stiff neck muscles are more likely to be injured, especially when you rapidly turn your neck. During your thirty-minute exercise schedule, it is good to have some time for the neck exercises like chin tuck exercises. These exercises will help strengthen your neck muscles and boost their flexibility.

Carry Weight Properly

To many people, lifting heavy loads is part of their life. However, only a few individuals practice proper lifting techniques. Carrying heavy objects on one side of your body usually causes unevenness in your shoulder, which exposes your neck muscles to stress. When carrying a briefcase or purse, you should use a backpack to distribute weight uniformly along your shoulders. Also, it would help if you lighten your load by carrying only essentials in your purse.

Avoid Strain From Your Phone

In modern days, people are spending much of their time on smartphones. This habit exposes individuals to neck problems due to tilting their heads to the phones. Over time,  slouching your head increases strain in the neck leading to discomfort. Fortunately, hands-free devices like earpieces and headsets can help you avoid such neck problems. Also, raising your phone to your eye level will help avoid neck strain.

Neck pain is the last thing that you may want to have. A stiff neck limits your capacity to turn around, interfering with your quality of life. Therefore, you should observe the necessary measures to keep your neck healthy. For example, you should adopt the right sleep position to ensure your spine rests effectively. Engaging in neck exercises will help boost the strength and flexibility of your neck muscles. However, you should never ignore the symptoms if you experience neck pain despite your preventive strategies. Seek the necessary treatment since you could have an underlying condition like spinal stenosis.