November 28, 2023

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Do Covid Cleaning Wipes Truly Work?

Coronavirus: how to clean your home effectively – Which? News

With the arrival of the COVID-19 in our lives, we spent a lot of time locked up at home, meticulously disinfecting every corner of our house, buying groceries as if it were the end of the world, and using bleach to disinfect even the eggs we ordered from the supermarket via the internet. Many have been attacked by paranoia. Although sometimes it may seem ridiculous and tremendously exaggerated, if someone close to you has become ill, you know that it is fully justified.

That is why one of the products that have made their appearance on the supermarket shelves and in which many traditional and new brands have launched new products are the covid cleaning wipes.

These covid cleaning wipes are not intended for cleaning porous objects or surfaces but for cleaning smooth surfaces. Not all of them use the same active agents, nor do they have the same concentration, so it is essential to read the packaging and especially the formula carefully.

Although chlorine and sunlight can help eliminate the virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19, they can also have harmful consequences for humans, so it is advisable to use plastic gloves when disinfecting surfaces and objects and to do so in well-ventilated areas.

Covid cleaning wipes are widely used to clean care items such as, for example, the telephone or computer, ideally not with highly concentrated wipes. It is best to use a low-concentration wipe and immediately use a wipe without disinfectant or a paper towel sheet to dry the phone. In other words, the product must be removed. It is not such a thorough disinfection, but it will reduce the viral load if it is done in conjunction with the other measures, such as frequent hand washing. 

A general recommendation is always to try to keep surfaces clean and free of dust and other dirt. This also goes a long way in lowering viral loads. It is essential to keep in mind that some sun exposure and airing time also reduce the viral load.

Covid cleaning wipes with chlorine or quaternary ammonium are the most efficient in combating coronavirus without damaging surfaces or skin. They are only suitable for smooth surfaces, not porous surfaces. They are handy for dishwashers, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and other smooth surfaces.

Before use, the surface should be cleaned of any other type of dirt or residue. Apply the wipe wet and repeat two or three times to ensure that the product acts as long as possible. Do not dry. Allow airing dry.

To disinfect the phone or other more delicate objects, it is recommended to clean it beforehand, apply the disinfectant wipe, and then quickly remove the active agent with a paper towel or other. This is to avoid damaging the phone. Some brands of covid cleaning wipes indicate on their label that they are suitable for these objects. Always wash your hands after using the disinfectant wipes.

To clean wooden or plastic furniture, wipes with a low concentration of active agents should be used to avoid damaging the surface. The label usually indicates whether it is suitable for furniture. Some say “chlorine-free.”

The speed of the disinfectant effect is related to the higher concentration of active agent -chlorine or quaternary ammonium-. In other words, those with a higher concentration have a faster result.