November 28, 2023

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Debunking the Common Flat Feet Misinformation’s Reducing People Seeking Treatment

Don't Ignore Flat Feet!: Eric J Abrams, DPM: Podiatry

Since the leg is one of the critical parts of the body, it has unique features to help it perform its roles. However, sometimes people have leg conditions that affect their performance. One of the common conditions is a flat foot. Even though it affects most people, there is less information regarding it. This problem makes most people with flat feet The Woodlands delay seeking treatment. If you look forward to seeking treatment, the following are the flat feet myths you should stop believing.

They are caused by Wrong Footwear Type

Some people believe this condition is caused by wearing the wrong footwear. However, the condition is caused by genetics, weak muscles in legs and feet, increased weight, age, or wear and tear. Wearing the right arch support will relieve the pressure that is exposed on the tendons of a given arch. However, the shoes will not affect the arch shape or expose the person to any risk of having flat feet.

You should not Run if You Have Flat Feet

Some people believe that individuals with flat feet should not run since it could worsen the condition. However, the truth is the person can run effectively even when having a flat foot. Surprisingly, there are some sprinters and marathon runners that are having flat feet. Rolling or pronating the foot too far inwardly or having weak feet or leg muscles is the reason that makes the person have pain when running and not the arch’s shape. In most instances, people with flat feet have more shock-absorbent and flexible feet than those with higher arch arches.

Orthotics and Surgery are the Only Way to Correct Flat Feet

Most people believe that the only treatment for flat feet is orthotics and surgery. Even though these are one of the options, there are other options. Sometimes the specialist can recommend simple stretches since they will strengthen your legs and feet muscles and reduce the discomfort. The doctor can also recommend compression socks since they will increase the blood flow to these areas reducing the swelling and pain.

It is Only People Having Flat Feet Require Arch Support

Even though some people believe they will require arch support if they only have flat feet, it is not usually the case. The arch support can help the person to avoid varying foot problems such as muscle strains, shin splints, and stress fractures. This instance shows that other conditions require arch support in addition to having flat feet.

The Treatment is Painful

Most people fear suffering pain and employ measures to avoid it. They avoid flat feet treatment because it is extremely painful and takes longer to recover. The truth is the treatment process is not as painful as most people perceive. Furthermore, even though the recovery process varies from one person to another, it takes little time.

Flat feet have been one of the conditions that have existed for years. However, despite being there for many years, there is less information. This instance has led to rising myths regarding this situation. These myths have reduced the number of people seeking treatment. Rather than continue to suffer from this condition, you should visit the leg and foot specialist to evaluate your situation and offer the right treatment.