June 18, 2024

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Concierge Medicine: How This Works and What to Expect

Understanding How Concierge Medicine Works: Jeffrey H. Graf, MD: Concierge  Medicine

Concierge medicine allows for better doctor-patient relationships. In this type of arrangement, a patient pays a monthly or annual fixed fee. Such fee is conveniences such as round-the-clock doctor availability and same-day appointments. Most concierge doctors like Dr. Daniel P. Klein see fewer patients while others set aside specific days to see just their concierge service patients. With concierge medicine, patients get a higher standard of attention and care from their providers. Also, doctors can build long-term relationships with their patients. 

How Concierge Medicine Works

Concierge medical providers give personalized care and direct access to patients. Typically, doctors build their practice with qualified physicians. Their patient list is small, reducing paperwork and bureaucracy. 

Concierge doctors possess the same experience and qualifications as other primary care doctors. They can diagnose, perform yearly physical examinations, and administer laboratory tests. But as with the majority of primary care doctors, they cannot perform specialized treatments or surgical procedures. 

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

While concierge medicine may not be for everyone, it offers several benefits for those who take advantage of it. These benefits include the following:

  • More time for patients. Concierge doctors and their patients get to spend a long time during every visit. Typically, every patient can spend 30-45 minutes with their doctor per visit and up to 90 minutes for physical exams. This means that they can ask whatever questions they may have in mind and get thoughtful answers from their doctor. 
  • Personalized wellness. Your concierge doctor will create a personalized wellness program that details the approaches to use to achieve your health goals. Also, this program includes educational resources and tools to help you achieve these goals. Then, your doctor will keep track of your results regularly to detect abnormalities and address them. Your plan can address health concerns such as diabetes, heart issues, sleep issues, hearing and vision problems, weight management, and bone health. Your concierge physician will get to know you and do their best to help you prevent health problems instead of just treating them. 
  • Round-the-clock care. Whether you are healthy or dealing with a chronic medical condition, you can expect your concierge doctor to be there for you. They will give you advice, encouragement, and resources to help you reach and retain your healthcare goals. A concierge medical practice is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Also, appointments are usually available on the same day.