September 30, 2023

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There are numerous methods of making it up to the target weight in this world. The well-known and latest trend in the dieting industry regarding weight loss is intermittent fasting which involves eating patterns based on the fasting periods. Carb consumption and calorie intake limit are two of the important things to remember when considering losing weight. 

Well, good weight loss companies are hugely responsible for your weight loss for which you can read the reviews and make your choices based on the customer’s experiences. Following are the methods to do intermittent fasting;

  1. The 16/8 Method

The 16/8 approach entails fasting for around 16 hours each day and limiting your balanced meal schedule to about 8 hours. You can eat two, three, or even four meals inside the dining interval. It’s as easy as not taking anything after supper and missing breakfast to follow this fasting strategy. You can take liquidized foods and avoid eating solid foods during the fasting period. Moreover, all efforts will go in vain if you consume processed foods. 

  1. The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 diet is an effective and flexible intermittent fasting method that is practiced widely. “5:2” means 7 days of the week in which the dieters eat 5 days a week properly then for the 2 days, they restrict their calorie intake to 500 and 600, for women and men, respectively. It is up to you whether you choose two consecutive days or two days with gaps. 

  1. Eat stop eat

In eat stop eat fasting, dieters fast for a day or two in a week for about 24 hours. For example, If you had breakfast at 7:00 AM then your 24 hours of this intermittent fasting will complete on the next day at 7:00 AM. You can take liquidized food i.e. water, coffee, etc. but solid meals are not allowed during those 24 hours.  

  1. The Warrior Diet

In intermittent fasting, the warrior diet is considered to be the best nutrient-rich food involver when it comes to losing weight. During the 20-hour fast, the Warrior Diet recommends individuals to eat minuscule quantities of milk products, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, and vegetables, as well as non-calorie drinks.

  1. Spontaneous meal Skipping

You don’t have to stick to a strict intermittent fasting schedule to gain some of the perks. Merely said, miss mealtime when you don’t feel hungry or when you’re too engaged to cook and eat. Some people, on the other hand, eat every few hours to avoid going into starvation mode and some people withstand extended periods of starvation.

It is not advised for persons who have or are at risk of developing an eating disorder. It could also be a problem for people who have chronic health problems. If you intend to pursue intermittent fasting, remember that the quality of your food is significant. It’s unrealistic to measure to lose weight and improve your health by bingeing on ultra-processed meals during mealtimes.