May 20, 2024

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Average Yearly Expenses of Your Chow Chow

The Price of Chow Chow Puppies & Adult Dogs (with Calculator) – PetBudget

So you’ve gone ahead and adopted a Chow Chow pup. With how rare they are, we’re guessing your pup didn’t come cheap. Either way, now you’re set on figuring out budgeting for your dog and exactly how much you’ll need to set aside expenses for your cute dog every month. You can estimate several expenses, including basics like food and treats, bowls, leashes, toys, grooming and healthcare.

The Chow Chow’s a little different from other breeds because of its luxurious coat. Your pup will also need extensive grooming. Most of it’s nothing you can’t do at home, but if you don’t have the time or energy, that’s another expense.

What One-Off Expenses Can You Expect With a Chow Chow?

Here’s a complete list of the expenses you can expect to see after bringing your new Chow Chow pup home:

  1. Food and Treats: Because they’re larger than many of the smaller dog breeds out there, a Chow Chow can be pretty expensive to feed. You’ll need a high-quality mixture of dry and wet food for your Chow Chow pup.
  2. Feeding Bowls: Feeding bowls are essential for your pup, but thankfully these are more of a one-off expense. Plus, an excellent stainless steel bowl will only run up to about $10 to $25.
  3. Bed: You will definitely need a bed for your new pup. Beds depend primarily on your dog bed, but most good beds don’t exceed $100. Also, again, this is a one-off expense, not a monthly one.
  4. Leashes and Collars: Everybody needs accessories for their dogs, and so will you have to. At best, a sturdy leash and collar combo are like $50, so don’t worry about these.
  5. Grooming Tools: One significant expense is the grooming tools you’ll need for your Chow Chow pup because of their seasonal shedding habits. A high-quality grooming kit can run up to $160, but there are many satisfactory ones for slightly cheaper (around $120).
  6. Toys: Chow Chow dogs are some of the most active out there; as such, you will definitely be spending money on toys. A set of chewing toys usually cost around $40. It might be a monthly expense because they tend to wear through their toys pretty fast.
  7. Vaccine Shots: If you bought an unvaccinated puppy, you’d have to get their shots as soon as possible. In most cases, you should expect to spend about $100 to $200 to vaccinate your dog.

Annually Budgeting Your Chow Chow

Here’s a table of what a Chow Chow will cost you annually:

●     Food and Treats: $500 – $1000

●     Toys: $125

●     Leashes/Collars: $35

●     Beds and Crates: $200

●     Grooming: $300

●     Deworming and Tick Meds: $250

●     Vet Care: $300

●     Pet Insurance: $500 – $900

●     Vaccinations: $150

●     Miscellaneous Supplies: $50

Considering all that, you’ll need about $2900 – $3200 for your Chow Chow annually.

What’s the Biggest Expense for a Chow Chow?

Definitely food and grooming. Chow Chows need a very healthy diet for their luxurious coat and fur, so you will be spending the most considerable amount on food. Most dry and wet food combos will run up to about $500 a year, but the high-quality food you should be going for will generally come close to $700 to $900 per year. That’s figuring in the cost of the treats too, so while it may sound like a lot, it’s about the same for medium-sized dogs too.

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Yes! Chow Chows are generally very healthy dogs, but when you have pets, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pet insurance helps ensure your pup’s safety and health and can help you if something happens. Pet insurance is worth looking into if you have a Chow Chow; pet insurance is absolutely worth looking into. In most cases, insurance ranges from around $450 to slightly above $900 annually.

Takeaway: So, How Much Does A Chow Chow Cost Annually?

Because of this breed’s natural high maintenance, you’ll have to start budgeting your expenses, so you don’t end up overspending. With vaccines, healthcare visits to the vet, possibly spaying or neutering your pup, and other expenses during the first year, you can expect to spend about $4000-$5000 during the first year.

After the first year, though, all that’s going to go down by a lot. If you’re grooming your dog, which shouldn’t be hard, it’ll be about the same expense you’ll need for other medium-sized dogs. If you’re looking at getting a Chow Chow, we hope this article has been helpful to you!