June 14, 2024

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4 Non Invasive Alternatives to Breast Lift Surgery

Traditional Breast Lift vs Laser Breast Lift - Innovations Medical

A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure involving removing excess skin from your breasts. Your surgeon will make an incision on the darker areas around your nipples and make a vertical incision underneath to enable the removal of unwanted skin. As a result, breast lift East Windsor allows the reshaping of your breast tissues, leading to better-shaped breasts. You may need breast lifts when they lose their firmness and become less elastic due to aging. Still, your breasts may sag or become improperly positioned because of pregnancy, weight changes, breastfeeding, and genetics.

For instance, if your grandparents or parents have a history of dealing with low strength of Cooper’s ligaments, you become at high risk of sagging and improperly shaped breasts. Cooper’s ligaments are a group of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissues that helps your breasts maintain their structural integrity.

You may also require a breast lift and reduction surgery if your nipples and areolae are out of position compared to your breast crease. Moreover, a breast lift can be excellent for correcting areolae and nipples pointing forward, stretched-out areolae, or one of your breasts falling lower than the other.

However, like other surgical procedures, breast lifts come with various complications. For instance, you may have a chest infection, scarring, bleeding, or blood clotting in your legs or lungs after surgery. Also, you may be allergic to the equipment, materials, and medications used during a breast lift.

Therefore, you may need to consider having non-invasive shaping and augmentation options for your breasts since they are much safer than mastopexy. Consequently, below are your options for nonsurgical breast lifts.

  1. APTOS thread lift

This unique and advanced thread lift technique is a minimally invasive treatment and a commonly preferred nonsurgical alternative to a breast lift.

The APTOS thread lift involves physically repositioning and contouring the sagging tissues of your breasts. The surgeon then places threads underneath your skin using a hypodermic needle on different areas of the breasts to support the tissue and maintain the lift.

The threads dissolve within a few years, and the treatment can last at least two years.

  1. The CACI bust treatment

The treatment first came into being for treating muscle injury. Using a handheld device, your health provider focuses electric pulses on the muscles adjacent to your breasts. As a result, more toned chest muscles create smoother, fuller, and lifted breasts.

You may undergo several Caci bust treatment sessions to benefit from better-shaped breasts.

  1. A laser breast lift

A laser breast lift exposes your breast tissues to high-powered laser beams, leading to tighter, firmer breasts. The thermal heating mechanism works to tighten the breast skin and internal issues.

However, laser treatments may have risks, such as skin discoloration, pain, and scarring.

  1. Thermage

The non-surgical procedure relies on exposure of your skin to radiofrequency (RF), which stimulates collagen production and destroys fat cells. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in your body, essential for providing structural support to your tissues and skin.

Thermage can thus help in tightening the skin of sagging breasts.

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