October 3, 2023

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What Are Your Treatment Options for Foot Pain?

Foot / Ankle Pain - PRO Therapy - Lake Havasu City, AZ

Foot pain has become a common condition in people aged above 30. There can be several ways to reduce and treat pain. These can range from taking painkiller drugs to consulting a physician. However, having the proper knowledge to mitigate and treat foot pain is essential. 

Without proper knowledge and guidance, one might increase the chances of foot pain and other related problems. If your feet feel sore, swollen, inflamed, or tired, you should review your treatment options rather than neglecting the foot pain newnan. If you have been experiencing foot pain for more than a month, it will be necessary for you to get in touch with a doctor. 

Practical treatment options for foot pain:

  1. Nerve pain medications 

When experiencing foot pain, nerve damage can be the most likely reason behind foot pain. When pain is caused by nerve damage, medications such as acetaminophen do not respond well and are ineffective. In such cases, taking medications such as Lyrica or Neurontin will be ideal. However, it would help if you did not start consuming medications by making assumptions and must consult a healthcare professional first. 

  1. Foot massage

Your feet can benefit from regular massage and provide ease and comfort. Foot massage can help promote blood circulation, reduce stiffness, stimulate muscles, and sometimes alleviate pain. You can use lotion or oil to rub your feet while massaging. 

  1. Get arch supports

Arch supports, or orthotics, are proven to eliminate foot pain. These can help keep your feet stable while standing or walking. You can purchase readymade Arch supports from a medical store or ask a doctor to provide custom-made ones. Irrespective of the type of make, you can be assured about reduced pain and discomfort in your feet. 

  1. Night splints 

Night splints are an unusual yet effective way to treat foot pain and eliminate it. Night splints help keep our feet locked when we are asleep. When you sleep with your feet pointing, the chances of pain increase. However, night splints can prevent feet from pointing and reduce pain. 

  1. Icing your feet

Ice can be a relieving medicine, surprisingly. If your feet are inflamed and sore, applying ice and rubbing it can reduce inflammation and pain. You can use a frozen water bottle to massage your feet on it for five to ten minutes daily. Such a method can be significantly helpful in reducing inflammation and promoting circulation. 

  1. Regular exercise 

Practicing regular strengthening exercises can make your feet strong and flexible. You can practice daily walking to keep your feet and body healthy. It would be best if you also practiced resistance exercises to improve your feet’ health and prevent soreness. Lastly, you can use resistance bands to strengthen your feet by practicing exercises for your feet.