May 26, 2024

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The Best Natural Feminine Care Products for Women (& Why You Might Want to Make the Switch)


Sooo, yup— we’re going there nowadays. Let us communicate about intervals. And the feminine treatment items that occur with them. Fun things, you guys!

But seriously, when you faucet into your menstrual cycle and get to know it really very well, it uncovers all kinds of handy information about your mood, strength, hunger, wish to go, hormones and sooo a great deal extra each and every month. It is like tapping into our personal key code, and receiving to actually realize our bodies from the inside out. 

I’ll share some of my most loved guides and methods underneath on cycle tracking and how it can effect pretty much Every little thing in your existence. But for now, if you’ve by no means finished so, I’d actually motivate you to start holding keep track of of your cycle. Not just the times when you have your interval, but anything prior to and just after, much too. Retain a notebook and make take note of your bodily indicators for a few of complete cycles: how your sleep is, your electrical power, any cramping/bloating, your mood/irritability, starvation and cravings, pores and skin overall health/breakouts, thirst levels… every little thing you can think of to monitor.

It doesn’t need to be long or complex, but just preserve a everyday log of these matters for a number of cycles. You could notice specified developments, which are indicators for strategies to much better care for by yourself in distinct phases of your cycle. And guys, it is Genuinely amazing after you start to detect how your vitality, hormones, temper and more ebb and movement all through the thirty day period. 

A lot more than that, we want to be mindful about what we’re utilizing to care for our bodies when it’s “that” time of the thirty day period. Simply because, most cotton products and solutions and feminine items are entire of bleach and harsh chemical substances that can leach into your human body, particularly with tampons that are inner.

Numerous of the chemical substances observed in your common feminine care items are endocrine disruptors that can genuinely mess with our hormones, and insert to our toxic load. And I’m only talking about the unscented types! “Fragrance” is also an additional large endocrine disrupter… most commonly uncovered in, very well, anything feminine care. (And every thing targeted to females in general,  like candes, bodywash, perfumes, etc… but which is a submit for yet another working day.)

But the superior news? There are so quite a few better selections these days, from reusable time period cups to natural and organic cotton tampons and pads to time period underwear, there is an selection for whatever your choices are. 

My favorite pure female care solutions:

  1. Most effective pads
  2. Favorite natural tampons: these or these
  3. Time period cup: Really don’t be intimidated by this! I assure, it is SO quick and way lessen routine maintenance than pads/tampons as soon as you get the cling of it. In fact, this is what I use most of all. I like that it will come in 2 measurements. I was weirded out at initial, but I adore that I don’t have to preserve obtaining solutions (so considerably $ saved in excess of your life span!), it does not leak, and I can in no way sense it.  

Other fantastic books & sources on all factors natural periods, hormones & fertility below: 

  1. Taking Demand of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  2. Woman Code by Alisa Vitti
  3. In The Flo by Alisa Vitti
  4. Interval Restore Manual by Lara Briden
  5. Favored period tracking app: The Stream Application & Glow App


When you are at it, it’s under no circumstances a negative notion to enhance your self-treatment and skincare products!

Check out my all-time most loved all-natural and non-poisonous skin and private treatment products, and take 10% off your initially get applying code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at checkout!

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