October 4, 2023

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Elbow injuries: Understand the Most common reasons!


Your elbow lets you move your hand properly, and pain or injury can disrupt your entire movement. Older people can develop joint pain because their bones become weak. But do you know how your elbow joint is formed and what causes these injuries? Let us enlighten you. An elbow joint is made up of three bones: the upper bone, which you might have read in younger classes, is called the humerus, and the two other bones of your forearm, which the doctors address as the Ulna and Radius. Now, the cartilage present at the end of the bones allows it to move and absorb shock, and when the shock absorbing capacity exceeds, it causes pain. Confusing? Don’t worry; read below to understand some of the common causes of elbow pain, as suggested by an orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon La Jolla

Dislocated elbow 

One of the most common reasons behind elbow pain is dislocation. This usually occurs to people who fall on their elbows or players who use their elbows a lot for throwing, catching, lifting, and other physical activities. Excessive pressure on the joints can lead to dislocation and cause elbow injury.

Fractured elbow 

If any of the arm bone breaks near your elbow region, it is considered a fracture. A fracture means that your bone has chipped or broken and needs a plaster or surgery to fix it. A fractured elbow can happen due to injuries and accidents and may take time to heal.


Did you apply too much pressure while throwing a ball at your friend, and now you can’t move your hand? Well, it’s because of a sprain near your elbow. Your elbow is the joint used while doing such forceful physical activities, and applying too much pressure can strain it, causing elbow injury.

Wear and tear 

Injuries that occur over time due to a repetitive pattern or not taking proper care of your joints can result in wear and tear. It can happen in your knee, elbow, hip, and shoulder, as these parts have ball and socket joints. Usually, wear and tear occurs after a certain age, but athletes get it at any time.

If you think that your pain or discomfort has increased a lot and is unbearable or repetitive, You should immediately seek medical attention and get diagnosed by a professional orthopedic. They will help you in reducing the discomfort and prescribe treatment that will improve your situation with time. To summarize, elbow pain can become a barrier in your day-to-day activities, and when chronic, it will cause pain now and then. Thus, getting medical treatment could be a better choice.