June 14, 2024

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5 Key Benefits of Personal Grooming Even in Old Age

Basics of Grooming and Hygiene in Senior Care | Assisting Hands Home Care

Grooming refers to activities you do to take care of your well-being and appearance. Typically, this includes brushing your teeth, showering, wearing clean clothes, cutting your nails, and more. Scientists have found that other species in nature also groom their faces, skin, hair, and nails, which has led them to establish that grooming has a purpose beyond looking good. Unfortunately, as you age, personal grooming may not come as easily to you as it once did. Physical and neurological deficiencies can make activities like bending over the sick to brush your teeth painful or downright impossible. Fortunately, you can turn to Philadelphia personal grooming services for help keeping clean. But why should you care about personal hygiene in your old age?

Disease Prevention

Grooming is rooted in maintaining proper hygiene. Hygiene, in turn, is concerned with promoting and preserving good health. If you do not clean your skin, hair, nails, or teeth, you make them a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. These microorganisms can attack your system, causing you to contract illnesses that could have been avoided with proper grooming. This is why health experts continually stress the need to wash your hands, wear clean clothes, and more. In your old age, your natural immunity may also weaken, making hygiene all the more important.

Good Oral Health

If you have ever failed to brush your teeth for a few days, you know that things can get bad quickly. Your teeth start to form a yellow, sticky film-like substance called plaque, your tongue tastes funny, and your mouth starts to smell. And while these are bad enough, they are nothing compared to what poor oral hygiene does to your teeth and gums. Plaque buildup can allow food particles to be trapped between or on your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth may then eat at these particles, leading to inflammation and infections like tooth decay and gingivitis. Untreated, these conditions can cause pain, bad breath, and tooth loss. Grooming can help you avoid this.

Healthy Skin

Your skin sheds dead skin cells every day in a bid to renew itself. If you do not slough or clean off these cells and other debris, your skin can clog up, leading to problems like rashes and acne. Showering every day with warm water and soap and using moisturizer on your skin can help keep it smooth and healthy.


Looking presentable can make you feel better about yourself, leaving you more confident than ever. This self-confidence is crucial in your old age, even as you deal with the constant aches and pains that come with getting older. It can help you feel better about social gatherings, meeting new people, going to your medical checkups, traveling, and more.

Social Acceptance

People always want to be around a clean person, and this applies even in old age. If you abandon personal grooming, you may find that people move away from you on the bus or visit you less at home. But, by taking a bath, wearing clean clothes, and brushing your teeth, you can always look, feel, and smell clean. This can attract people to you, allowing you even to make new friends.

Get Personal Grooming Assistance Today

As you can see, personal grooming is central to good health, self-confidence, and a healthy social life. Unfortunately, maintaining good hygiene is not always possible, especially in old age. Aging and the changes it causes on your body and mind can make it difficult to maintain a regular personal grooming routine, leaving you vulnerable to illness, among other things. To help you, personal grooming assistants are trained to keep you clean and well-groomed. They come to your home, help you bathe, put on clean clothes, brush your hair, and more. To take advantage of these services, call a home care agency near you and ask about their grooming services.