July 23, 2024

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Why Spider Veins in Edina Must be Treated

Why Spider Veins in Edina Must be Treated

Why Spider Veins in Edina Must be Treated

Spider veins are generally a cosmetic problem. they restrict your choices of clothing and lifestyle. Unfortunately, the appearance of spider veins can also indicate a severe underlying problem and result in chronic complications. This is the reason screening for spider veins Edina must be done. Spider veins are smaller blue or red veins that usually appear on the legs and face. 

Spider Veins Causes

You can have spider veins when blood builds in your veins. Your circulatory and cardiovascular systems depend on veins and arteries for blood transport from your heart to other body parts. Your arteries send blood from your heart to different parts of your body. Your veins send this blood back to your heart. Leg veins tend to have a strenuous job as they fight gravity. If these veins are healthy, they can do this job. Blood is pushed from your legs through your veins back to your heart. When the blood moves toward your heart, small vein valves close, so the blood won’t flow backward. But when these valves are damaged or weak, blood will flow back into your leg veins, pooling and putting pressure on vein walls. This results in the appearance of twisted, bulging varicose veins. 

What Happens if Spider Veins Are Not Treated

Spider veins develop if your circulatory system cannot function properly. When not treated, spider veins are dangerous. The following are the consequences of untreated spider veins:

  • Worsening chronic venous insufficiency. The appearance of spider veins can indicate chronic venous insufficiency. If not detected early, it can worsen over time. Regular vein screening is important to prevent vein disease from developing or getting worse.
  • Problematic bleeding. If not treated, spider veins can cause an increase in vein pressure, causing your capillaries to burst. Also, the internal bleeding can result in tissue damage and inflammation. 
  • Ulcer formation. If the discolored spots due to burst capillaries rupture, they may not heal. This results in the development of persistent leg ulcers or open sores that can be quite painful. As your spider veins worsen, your legs can swell. In turn, the swelling can cause skin ulcers to form. These ulcers are hard to heal and can cause pain, hemosiderin staining, and ankle discoloration. 
  • Sedentary lifestyle. When not treated right away, spider veins can be painful and require medical attention. Also, your legs can feel tired and heavy because of these veins. Spider veins cause pain and swelling, reducing your mobility. Such reduced mobility can cause a vicious cycle.