October 3, 2023

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3 Things to Remember About Porcelain Crowns

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting A Dental Crown - Dental Care of  Lombard

A dental technician can utilize different materials to produce dental crowns. Each material has its pros and cons. A popular material used to produce a dental crown is porcelain. Novi porcelain crowns are available either as all-porcelain or all-ceramic and are designed to resemble the teeth’s natural appearance. Below are three other things to remember regarding porcelain crowns.

  1. When you will require porcelain crowns

Like other forms of dental crowns, you will require porcelain crowns to improve the cosmetic appearance of your tooth. Porcelain crowns improve a tooth’s shape, size, and firmness.

As a result, a dentist providing porcelain crowns can recommend them when you require to safeguard a natural tooth against extra fracture. Covering a tooth with a porcelain crown can help hold the fractured parts together so the issue does not worsen.

You can also wear porcelain crowns if you have misaligned or misshapen teeth. You can have teeth with varying sizes or shapes due to genetic issues. For instance, you can have a poorly developed mouth’s roof (palate) or tooth.

 Unhealthy oral habits like thumb sucking, eating poor diets, and breathing through the mouth can also contribute to crooked teeth.

Porcelain crowns can also be useful in covering a tooth with a significant stain and help hold a dental bridge firmly.

  1. The suitable candidate for porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns are manufactured to have a color similar to your natural teeth. It thus becomes possible to conceal dental imperfections while making it harder for others to notice if you are wearing porcelain crowns.

A porcelain crown is also better than porcelain fused to a metal crown. That is because you do not have to worry about the appearance of a dark line on your gum line. Like with other types of dental crowns, for you to wear porcelain crowns, the structures of your mouth should be healthy.

Moreover, you will find porcelain crowns suitable if you do not experience jaw clenching and teeth grinding. According to Business Insider, approximately 35 million people in America chronically grind their teeth, particularly at night during sleep.

Chronic teeth grinding can trigger gradual damage to your newly fitted porcelain crown. A damaged porcelain crown can come off your tooth or can encourage the trapping of bacteria and other debris in your mouth. That can result in an infection that causes dental decay and loss of more teeth.

  1. How long your worn porcelain crowns can last

 On average, a properly made and fitted porcelain crown can function as required in your mouth for over 14 years. Whenever a dental crown made using porcelain shows signs of damage, it should be replaced immediately.

A porcelain crown requiring replacement will feel like it is moving or unstable. Also, a porcelain crown might need replacement when the protected tooth is painful.

By observing good dental care, you can ensure your porcelain crowns last longer than 14 years. For example, brush your mouth daily and avoid orally destructive diets and beverages.

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