April 20, 2024

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2022 gemini horoscope

Gemini (Born May 22 to 31) – 0 to 10 degrees Gemini:

This year, you’ll be preoccupied with balancing work and home life. The eclipses of 2006 accentuate your public persona, work, house, and family, indicating that it’s time for a change in these areas. The planet of progressive change, revolt, zodiac sign dates and individualism, Uranus, is square the Sun (or Ascendant) for the first three months of the year, and it is at the top of your solar chart. What does this imply for you?

Changes in your lifestyle can be pretty significant, as well as new ambitions to pursue. A strong desire marks this period for independence. Life appears to be speeding fast as if it’s allowing you to take a few chances, make changes, and forge new routes you hadn’t considered previously. This year, you’re energetic and sassy. Saturn’s sextile from your thinking sector, which will be with you until June, will help you stay on track. With Saturn on your side, you’re realistic enough that you don’t make rash decisions.

However, with Saturn in your communications sector, you may experience mechanical issues with communications equipment, automobiles, or transportation systems. Some constraints are likely, especially while Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde in March and July.

From May onwards, when the South Node moves through your family sector, indicating that you are pretty satisfied to spend time at home, the balance between attention to your home and family and focus on your career is strongly stressed.

With the North Node at the top of your solar chart, now is the moment to dive headfirst into your job and public life, pursuing your goals.

Jupiter is in your job, health, and daily routines sector till November. Under this influence, the type and scope of your everyday activities and routines expand, and it’s an excellent time to start a new career or work project. Work feels better, and you’re proud of the work you’re doing. With Uranus and Jupiter accentuating the two areas of your solar chart that have to do with your job, there are plenty of opportunities for better working conditions and development this year.

A positive attitude toward your work and coworkers can assist you in attracting these possibilities and potential windfalls.

Jupiter emphasizes collaboration in December, allowing you to find joy in a special someone, whether it’s an old sweetheart or a new one. You don’t want to be alone during this period and into 2007, and significant others can help you immensely, whether it’s through an inflated sense of happiness and delight or actual financial support. This is especially true in December’s second week.

You are most appealing in the first week of July, when Venus conjuncts your Sun, and from July to October when Venus in relationship-friendly Libra trains your Sun and glides through your romance and pleasure sector (or Ascendant). When Jupiter crosses your Descendant in the second half of November and beyond, it is an excellent time to attract a spouse. Because Mercury is your ruler, be especially cautious during Mercury’s retrograde periods, when you may be misunderstood at work or in your personal life. March 1 to 25, July 4 to 29, and October 28 to November 18 are the dates. While Venus is retrograde in your ninth sector from December 24, 2005, to February 3, 2006, refrain from making significant promises to loved ones or large purchases.

Gemini (Born June 1 to 11) – 10 to 20 degrees Gemini:

While Mars went retrograde through your hidden sector near the end of 2005, you may have been troubled by doubt and indecision. Mars picks up speed and reaches your Sun (or Ascendant) in March, giving you a boost in vitality and confidence. This year, creating a balance between your career and public life, as well as your home and private life, will be a significant priority. You may be at ease at home, but this is a crucial year for you to take advantage of employment prospects. To attract the potential advancements and incentives that Jupiter’s transit through your job sector can provide, you must put yourself out there.

Saturn, the planet of practicality and self-control, travels towards a pleasant sextile to your Sun after it passes directly in Leo in April (or Ascendant). Your obligations begin to lighten, and you might like them. From July to September, you’ll be surrounded by a good dose of realism and practicality. It’s a terrific time to learn new things or brush up on old ones. What you learn now is genuinely absorbed, and it will stay with you for the rest of your life. You are naturally picking up higher knowledge with Neptune in trine to your Sun (or Ascendant) from the sector of your higher mind, education, religion, and travel.

You’re learning to trust your instincts. When combined with Saturn’s reality, this is a moment when you can progress and extend your mind while also learning practical, usable, and marketable abilities.